Meet Your Loan Officer, Teri Evans

Teri Evans grew up and attended college in the Denver area before she spent some time in Northern California. When in California, she was a finance manager for a commercial equipment company for 15 years. She has since returned to Colorado as she could not stay away from the Rockies for too long!

Teri has an extensive background in accounting and financial services but, more importantly, she has a passion for helping people which she is able to nurture in assisting them with their financial wellbeing.

Teri’s professional reputation has primarily consisted of her focus on professional service as well as a strong teaching component. She’s also known for her ability to explain financial matters in an easy to understand way that is unintimidating to non-financial people. As Teri puts it herself, she has “a servant’s heart with an accountant’s brain”.

Teri has a special spot in her heart for first time home buyers, as she enjoys helping them become successful homeowners. In addition, she is still highly acclaimed by her financially seasoned clients who appreciate the level of service and expertise by which they receive, and also older clients who are greeted with great communication and understanding.

Professionally, Teri is passionate about helping people clarify their financial goals and being a part of the reason they reach them. Personally, Teri takes great satisfaction in teaching and empowering others to make the world a better place for all. Some of her personal passions include Habitat for Humanity, Neighbor to Neighbor and facilitating Financial Peace University classes at her church.

When she’s not working, Teri enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Some things they enjoy doing together include walking, hiking, cooking and reading.


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