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Melanie Nygren

Get to Know Melanie Nygren

Melanie Nygren entered the mortgage banking business right after graduating from the University of Colorado. She will tell you that mortgage lending is in her blood. She is passionate about the impact that she has had on her Customers lives, advising and originating loans and now leading a division of Loan Officers in Colorado.

Melanie started in the business originating loans and quickly realized that she loved building teams. She Managed for Bank Western/FBS for eleven years and then joined Premier Mortgage Group in 1997 as an Owner and Production Manager.

She built a Colorado team of Loan Officers that produced in excess of a billion dollars a year. Melanie and her Partners sold Premier Mortgage Group to Cherry Creek Mortgage Company (CCMC) in 2006 and she continues to run a division for CCMC today with many of the same Loan Officers and Support team that have been with her for decades. She believes that the amazing team of Employees and the longevity and commitment they have to each other is the key to their success that has endured the many changes we’ve experienced over the last three decades.

Today Melanie and her Business Partner, Ariel Solomon run a production division for CCMC and independently own three additional mortgage companies with Realtor partners.

Melanie, born in Boulder has been married to her husband, Charlie (also a CO native) for 29 years and they cherish their lives being active in the Community and with family and friends. They love cycling, hiking and spending time with their two Children, Lauren and Cole. While Cole resides in California today, Melanie sees Lauren often as she is now originating loans after a career in commercial real estate. Today she claims that mortgage banking is in her blood!

Good words from clients

  • This process was so painless from start to finish, I couldn’t believe it was actually working out! Thank you so much for your professionalism and competence. I will definitely recommend you in the future!

    Lori J. Home Buyer
  • We’ve owned nine homes during our 21 years together. That’s nine mortgages, not counting refinances. The mortgages and refinancing projects Melanie handled for us were the smoothest of all — handled without a hitch. Plus, she’s become a great friend. What more can you ask for in a mortgage banker?

    David and Lynn P. Home Buyers
  • I’ve been involved in many transactions with Melanie since the early 1980’s. In all that time, I’ve never caught her having a bad day. Her prompt, thorough and professional service, combined with boundless enthusiasm, has kept her my lender of choice.

    Dave M. Professional Partner
  • Several years ago, I was working with a local corporation that was transferring a number of people to Boulder from other countries. Because these transferees didn’t have citizenship, or even green cards, I couldn’t find a lender who would make them loans. Finally, I happened to call Melanie Nygren, and her response was “What’s the problem?” Melanie, with her can-do attitude, has been making loans to many of my clients every year since. Melanie has complete knowledge and command of her profession and the products available. She has an ability to select the loan product that is the most beneficial for the borrower. She is detail-oriented, communicates precisely, and often, and has the uncanny ability to solve any problem, should one arise. With no doubt in my mind whatsoever, I highly recommend Melanie!

    Bruce B. Professional Partner
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