Meet Leah Alexis

Leah has been a long-time member of the Boulder community, something which shows in her bubbly personality and professional network. Leah’s family relocated to Boulder from Massachusetts when she was 7 years old. She continued to enjoy the tight-knit community of Boulder throughout high school, and even after she graduated from college at Lewis & Clark in Portland, OR. This background of a close community is prevalent throughout Leah’s personal and professional life.

Leah started her professional career in the nonprofit world more than fifteen years ago, at BeadForLife, a non-profit devoting to eradicating poverty by teaching women living on less than a dollar a day to make beautiful jewelry for a profit. Empowering others to create their own business, lead her to put her leadership and networking skills to use by starting her own event planning company: La Dolce Events. This opportunity has allowed her to put her passion of bringing people together to use.

She is known for possessing a widespread and diverse network, having worked with essentially every type of business and client. One of her favorite parts of her job is working to bring communities and businesses together, to learn from one another and create a symbiotic, lasting relationship. Previous clients applaud her talent for problem-solving and expertise in easing their stress, while also being fun to work with.

When she’s not working, you can find Leah volunteering for one of the (many) nonprofits she is involved with: Attention Homes, Blue Sky Bridge, Cultivate, YWCA, SPAN and many more. She also enjoys hiking with her dog and horseback riding on the weekends. In addition, she loves to spend quality time on the weekends with her husband, family and friends, followed by cooking Sunday supper.