Unwritten Etiquette Rules for Home Sellers

When it comes to selling your home, there are unwritten etiquette rules which you are expected to know (or at least follow). Today’s blog is going to cover those unwritten rules for sellers, so read on for more!

You may feel vulnerable when it comes to selling your home as it’s the time you have to let people in to assess the current standing of your home and how it will appeal to buyers. Realtors are professionals at this, so while it may feel like a personal judgement, it certainly is not. Given this, it’s important you don’t take offense when a realtor tells you that your home “needs work”. The realtor is going to advise you on different things that can either hinder or help your home’s ability to sell quickly, and for the best price. This is their primary goal in assessing your home. Given that they are experienced professionals, we advise that you trust their suggestions as they know what things can impact the selling price of a home. Similarly, they also know what buyers want to see in a home.

Another rule of thumb is to not allow yourself to feel offended is if someone puts in an offer that you think is lowballing the value of your property. This may be an attempt of the buyers to see where their negotiating powers lay. Potentially, someone who lowballs your home could be the ones that end up loving it the most. Similar to this, it’s polite for you to respond to offers in a timely manner as this process is equally as important to potential buyers and your delay may cause them to lose, or settle on, another property.

Lastly, it’s important you are reasonable when it comes to repair requests. If you are unsure of how to handle a request, the best route is to speak with your realtor and see what they suggest or what is a typical response to the request asked. Often times if you are having any hesitation as to how to respond in a situation, contacting your realtor or mortgage consultant will result in the best outcome. Reach out to them today if you’re needing help. Good luck!