Home Renovation Myths

There are some myths when it comes to renovating your home. Today we’re breaking those down so that you can avoid catastrophe.

A common misconception of home renovations is that you can simply add the cost of renovations to your home price tag. While this would make all sellers happy, this is simply not true. Some renovations you make in your home may merely be an expectation of buyers in the market, therefore if you tell them you’re charging extra for something that should already be there, they’ll probably walk away.

Something that is important to know before you make renovations is this: permits are not optional. Knowing this can save you a lot of stress down the road. If you make renovations without a permit, you could be required to undo all the changes and do it the right way, all the while paying for all of these costs. Additionally, some people believe it is cheaper to DIY, but we can not stress how untrue this is. Unless you’re an experienced professional, you should always hire someone to do the job right so that you aren’t having to retrace your steps and pay for the damages to be repaired.

Lastly, a big misconception is that repairs are cheaper than replacement. In no way is this true as some repairs are temporary fixes which would be cheaper to simply replace. Always talk with a professional as to what actually is a repair as opposed to a replacement.