Choosing a Place to Live

Choosing a town to live in is one of the most challenging facets of the home buying process. There are many different factors that come into play with the process and today, we’re offering our list of what we think are the deal breakers.

While these may not go in any particular order and likely vary from person to person, we deem the neighborhood to be a pretty big one for us. Although, don’t let this throw you off. We don’t believe that you instantly have to go to the best and most established neighborhood, we just have strong beliefs that the neighborhood is an aspect which should be given a great deal of thought.

Secondly comes the things that come within a neighborhood. We find there to be a couple of different characteristics which you should look out for: businesses, schooling and crime. Each of these characteristics is important for their own reason. Typically, neighborhoods with an area nearby offering quaint restaurants or cafes, shops and a grocery will tell you that the area is up and coming aka, your home will appreciate over time. Additionally, if you have a family or are planning to, the quality of nearby schools is an important trait to consider along with crime rates.

Lastly, try and analyze the locals. Are there often people out and about walking to and from work, holding grocery bags or even just going for a stroll? This is a tell-tale sign that the locals love where they live. This will directly correlate with how well you enjoy it, although don’t assume that strictly because there are a lot of people walking outside that you are going to love it. For instance, there are always a lot of people walking in New York City, but you may not be a city person at all. Try and actually get a feel for the sense of community.

Happy hunting.