Boosting Your Homes Value

There are numerous incentives for upgrading or renovating your home, although the biggest of these is likely the financial payoff. It may be costly at first as you watch so much money come straight out of pocket, but your return on renovating could easily double. In addition, if you’ve owned the home for a few years, it has likely already appreciated.

If your home is in need of an upgrade, the first thing on your list should be the kitchen. For the newest wave of homebuyers, that being millennials, the item on the top of their list is an updated kitchen. A majority of people use their kitchen for things outside of utility; entertaining, getting work done or simply a space to enjoy. With that being said it’s crucial to make the kitchen a space that people want to enjoy and spend time in.

A renovation which you may think is more costly than it is: opening up your space. Home buyers love an open floor plan. It makes a home feel bigger and easier for hosting guests. This could simply be taking down a wall that was previously used to create a room, a job which is fairly inexpensive.

Our final suggestion is to remember the outdoors. Not only does this mean to create an outdoor space such as a deck or patio, but it is also important to make your home energy efficient. The times are changing, and there are really no excuses not to be proactive with how you use energy. Future houses, and homeowners, will essentially all be energy efficient. Being ahead of the curve now will allow you to appeal to those young homebuyers who place a high value on sustainability.

Adding value to your home is well worth the money spent out of pocket now, so have fun with it and good luck!