Avoiding Identity Theft

Following last weeks blog post on what to do if your identity is stolen, this week we’re being proactive and offering steps on how to prevent it. This unfortunately pertains to everyone, so read up in order to be prepared!

The first hint that you’re at risk is any unusual activity on your financial accounts. Keep a close watch on all charges to be sure that you know who’s making them. You should also consider turning on notifications for mobile banking so that whenever a charge is made, you’re aware. The sooner that you report unusual activity, the more likely you are able to put an end to it.

The next thing you can do is to enroll in a credit monitoring service. This service can help you if you are concerned about the potential of your credit being at risk. It’s not guaranteed that they can stop it if you are at risk, but it will at least alert you. If you do discover that your identity is at risk, the next step will be for you to freeze your credit and alert the authorities.

Lastly, you should always use strong passwords for each of your accounts and avoid giving your information out to anyone. Following these steps can prevent a massive headache, so take precautions early on just to be safe.